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SV8 specification draft

File header

Field length (bits) Value
Magic 24 "MP+"
Version 8 0x08

This file header allow old mpc readers to stop decoding at this point, without crashing.

Block formating

All blocks are formated using Key / Length / Value. Key is 16 bits long. It's the block type. Length is a variable size field using the same values as matroska : bits, big-endian 1xxx xxxx - value 0 to 27-2 01xx xxxx xxxx xxxx - value 0 to 214-2 001x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx - value 0 to 221-2 0001 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx - value 0 to 228-2 ... The length is the size of the block in bytes, including the key and size fields. So the minimum length of a block is 3. The value is the block content. Its size can be 0.

Field length (bits) Value
Key 16 "EX"
Length n * 8, 0 < n < inf 0x1A
Value Lentgh * 8 "exemple"

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